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marzo 4, 2019
Nuestra alianza con Delos
marzo 11, 2019

“Home is where the heart is” and we take this seriously at Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel. We want our owners and guests to feel relaxed and recharged, to feel this is more than a home and a real connection to their environment. With this in mind, we are excited to announce our alliance with Delos Technology, a pioneer of global wellbeing that develops systems to generate interior wellbeing environments.

What is Delos?

Delos is a company committed to improving health and well-being in the spaces where we live, work, sleep and play through standards, programs and solutions designed to promote wellness, resistance to stress, performance, tranquility and joy.

How do they do this?

Delos has devoted thousands of research hours into how our environment affects our mood and behavior. These environmental factors include air quality, sound, temperature and light. Their systems are designed to help improve energy, sleep and general well-being, and reduce indoor pollutants that adversely affect respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health.

These cutting-edge systems respond intuitively to the conditions of your home. They analyze temperatures to help you sleep more soundly, and provide dynamic lighting designed to restore the natural rhythms of your body. Delos also performs actions such as airand waterpurification to remove pollution and micro contaminants. 

To learn more about Delos, visit their website: www.delos.com

Using innovative technology and space design, Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel is committed to your overall wellbeing. Come see the Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel for yourself and feel the energy of a home oasis. 

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