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Does the wine glass make a difference?

If you have ever tasted wine side by side from a wine glass with a tapered opening and a wide brim glass, you’ll know that the glass does make a difference. But which glass is best for which wine? 

Below is a pictograph reference illustrating which glasses to use for different wines. You don’t have to be an expert or have a ton of glassware in your kitchen, but these wine glasses will enhance the aromas of your wine. And after all, 80% of what we taste is determined by our nose.

Key Factors for Wine Glasses:

Filling the Glass

Except for sparkling wines, wine glasses should only be filled halfway or less to allow room to swirl and release aromas.

Sparkling Wines

Long narrow flutes are ideal for sparkling wines. The smaller surface area and distance to the top preserves the bubbles. The flatter bowl glasses they use at many weddings is too much surface area with the glass and air and will make the sparkling wine go flat.

White Wines

Use a smaller bowl for young white wines to maintain cooler temperatures and preserve floral aromas. White wines with more body from being aged in barrels will benefit from a larger bowl with more surface area to highlight richer aromatics.

Red Wines

Red wines are better in large bowls. The more surface area wine has, the more aromas are released. This is particularly true when enjoying red wine at room temperature or slightly cooler.

This quick reference will ensure that your wine will be shown at its best when presented to your guests.

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