Destino: Bruselas
febrero 25, 2019
Avanzamos, evolucionamos
marzo 4, 2019

As we grow day by day, our vision for Destino Viñedo San Miguel evolves into reality.  We are not just buildings and a vineyard, but a destination of wine and luxury. To see our projects move from paper to fruition is a joy and we want to share our progress with you. 

Seven exclusive luxury mansions will form our beautiful Villas Gran Reserva San Miguel. Each mansion will include two villas on the ground level, two villas on the second level and a beautiful penthouse on the third level. The latest technology and space design will create a relaxing environment inside and out, and natural materials will be used for décor.

The Vinedo San Miguel winery will be complete this summer. Guests will be able to take a tour and see the crusher and fermentation room. The winery will also include tasting rooms and a restaurant for you to relax with a bottle of our wine. This will be separate from the residential areas to preserve the privacy of our residents.

You can check our building progress by going to this link this link:

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